Capco Engineering, Inc. Is a consulting civil engineering firm providing superior quality of
engineering, surveying and consulting services which meet specific needs within the public and
private sectors.  We also provide fiber optic network design for new and existing cable routes.

Capco has been satisfying clients since 2001 and is accumulating an impressive resume of successful
projects, in the East Texas area.
We  strive to provide innovative engineering solutions to challenging technical problems by
assigning or seeking  professionals who understand the issues & deliver results.

We place the needs of our clients first and profit by helping them achieve success with their
projects from conception through construction.
Our computer rendered drawings provide our clients
with a conceptual drawing of their finished project.   
Many of our clients use these in the early stages to
help promote their project.  Additional services
offered  include construction services, through our
sister construction company
Capps-Capco.  These
services include, but we are not limited to, site
clearing, site grading, roadway and your project even
during the formality phases of the design process.
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This process consist of series of steps that begin with
a preliminary layout of the project, then a detail
topographical survey, detail plans, construction
staking, finally managing and supervising construction.